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Aim & Objective

Believe in self "converts dreams into reality Astha Foundation (Trust) objective is to be there in all welfare and upliftment activities wherever society needs, our foundation is to identify and fulfil the society basic needs. We are focusing on ending poverty through improvement in the lives and livelihoods of woman from poor and marginalised communities, we do this through well planned and comprehensive programmes in health, education, Livelihoods and disaster preparedness and empowerment of women and girls.
Aastha Foundation is an organization dedicated to health, which is making millions aware of diabetes. Diabetes is called the silent killer. Today, three out of ten people are suffering from diabetes. Protecting from diabetes. In the coming time, Aastha Foundation is going to make one million people aware of diabetes. Along with diabetes, Aastha Foundation is making people aware of the diseases caused by diabetes. Aastha Foundation is going door-to-door in cities and slum areas to make women aware of the rapidly spreading gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Aastha Foundation provides counseling to people suffering from diabetes so that their diabetes is always under control. From time to time, doctors make people aware so that wool can be saved from silent killers like diabetes.