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About Astha Foundation (Trust)

Astha Foundation (Trust) is a registered organisation based in Patna (Bihar) Registered as a public Trust. Mainly aims to benefit underprivileged children and their families, through various projects and health care, education, nutrition, shelter, livelihood, women empowerment, child rights and other social issue.
Aastha Foundation is continuously making people aware of diabetes in the name of Walk for Life campaign. An organization that only made people aware of health, especially women, youth, children about diabetes. Today diabetes is making people its victims very fast. Therefore, Aastha Foundation is making the Walk for Life campaign from door to door, village to village making people aware that it is important to avoid diabetes. In the team of Aastha Foundation, about three thousand doctors of all organs, one thousand dieticians and health workers are associated from all over India, who are constantly saving people from diabetes and diseases caused by it. To make people aware of their lifestyle, Aastha Foundation is saving people from dangerous diseases by giving the slogan of 'Walk for Life' if you want to live your life. With about a thousand workers, this organization is always ready to help with diabetes. In order to save anyone from diabetes or diseases arising out of it, the team of Aastha Foundation has given its mobile number 9308067238 so that more and more people can be helped. By going to all the big slum areas of the city, people especially women who suffer from diabetes during pregnancy are made aware.